Dragon Shield - Outer Sleeves - Black Matte

Dragon Shield - Outer Sleeves - Black Matte


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It's time to take card protection to another level with Matte Black Outer Sleeves.

Outer sleeves can be used to double or triple-sleeve decks for an extra layer of protection against dust, dirt and spills.

Matte Black Outer Sleeves also give you a multitude of gameplay and organization options.

When combined with coloured Dragon Shield standard size sleeves the customization possibilities are endless!

Colour code your sideboard to save time, colour code your most searched for combo pieces, or playtest a combination of two decks without having to un-sleeve and re-sleeve, just sleeve up.

Immerse yourself in seamless gameplay with the renowned Matte shuffle feel of Dragon Shields.

Sleek protection for your ultimate decks, change the way you play with Matte Black Outer Sleeves.

  • 100 Black Outer Sleeves

  • Matte textured back

  • For cards sleeved in standard size cards sleeves

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